Tuition Rate

Singapore Private Home Tuition Rates 2017 / 2018

Private home tutors in Singapore are classified based on their credentials and experience. We do not determine tutor rates because they are regarded as self-employed and quote their very own fees.

Chart below are according to averages tutoring rates for primary, secondary school and JC. Do be aware all these rates are according to what the average skilled, qualified tutor will expect. Having said that, should your budget is not in the range below, do still give us a call because we can still be able to assist you.

Here is something that you might want to consider when looking for a 1 to 1 private tutor.

Reduce Tuition Requirements
Home tuition rates rely not merely on tutor credentials but additionally the availability of the tutor. If you have a lot of requirements, then it will be harder to locate a suitable tutor. Normal requirements consist of: Gender selection, Mixture of subjects, Time, Race, Price range and so on. You should talk to us which criteria are important to you. Usually, it’s always best to look for 2 separate tutors if you have 2 or 3 different subjects, particularly in uncommon subjects like history or literature.

Year-End Exams & Duration of Lesson
Expect you’ll pay substantially higher for tutors if the student is in Primary 6, Secondary 4 and JC 2. The reason being students who’re having their major exams generally demand intensive tutoring. If you select lesson duration to be 1.5 hour(s), the fee per hour will probably be a bit higher to make up for the travelling time of the tutor.


A / Dip


Full-Time Tutor


Pri 1 - 6

$15 - 20 /hr

$18 - 25 /hr

$20 - 30 /hr

$35 - 50 /hr

Sec 1 - 2

$15 - 25 /hr

$20 - 30 /hr

$25 - 35 /hr

$45 - 60 /hr

Sec 3 - 5

$20 - 30 /hr

$25 - 35 /hr

$30 - 40 /hr

$50 - 70 /hr

JC 1 - 2

$25 - 35 /hr

$30 - 40 /hr

$40 - 50 /hr

$80-120 /hr

- Tuition fees are quoted in SGD (Singapore dollars) per hour.
- Tuition rates table may be updated without prior notice based on the tuition market in Singapore.